Market Updates

10 Aug 2018

North Korea lashes out at US over sanctions

On Thursday, North Korea denounced US calls enforcing international sanctions despite its goodwill moves and stated that progress on denuclearization promises could not be expected if the US followed “outdated acting script.” Pyongyang also accused US negotiators of going against the int [...]

09 Aug 2018

China hits back with retaliatory tariffs

China slaps with retaliatory tariffs on $16 billion worth of US goods, exactly matching President Donald Trump’s latest escalation in the ongoing international trade war. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce declared a 25% levy on certain US goods, including coal, crude oil, automobiles, motor [...]

08 Aug 2018

Elon Musk considering taking Tesla private

Chief Executive Elon Musk said on Tuesday he is considering taking Tesla Inc private in what would be the largest deal of its kind. In a tweet, Musk said: “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.” He also stated that he is ready to sell shares at $420, and the deal [...]

07 Aug 2018

The US reimposes sanctions on Iran

The US has intensified pressure on Iran with the reimposition of a series of tough economic sanctions as President Donald Trump accused the nation of “threatening, destabilising behavior.” The sanctions, which take effect on Tuesday, prohibit Iran from using the US currency, target Iran [...]

06 Aug 2018

Liam Fox says “no deal Brexit” more likely than an agreement

Trade Secretary Liam Fox stated that “intransigence” by EU officials is pushing us towards no deal as he put the chance of Britain crashing out a deal at 60%. He further added that Brussels’ chief negotiator Michel Barnier had not agreed to the UK’s Chequers proposals simply because [...]