02 Mar 2018

SEC launches cryptocurrency probe

Reportedly, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched a formal probe into the cryptocurrency market. The SEC has issued dozens of subpoenas information requests to companies and advisers involved in the cryptocurrency market as part of its investigation. SEC Chairman Jay [...]

23 Feb 2018

Bitcoin tumbles again

According to CoinDesk, Bitcoin falls for a second-straight day to its lowest price in a week. Today, it started picking strength as from 01:00 GMT where it was quoted at $9,656.8 to record several momentary jumps through the next hours, reaching towards the 10,000 level. Reportedly, governme [...]

16 Feb 2018

Bitcoin nearing record highs

Since the beginning of this week, bitcoin has been recording much volatility on the market and it was quoted trading around the $8,500 level. However, on the second day of the week, the cryptocurrency started picking some momentum as it gained some bullish candles through its trading hours. [...]

09 Feb 2018

Bitcoin drops to three-months low

Bitcoin started the week with a lower level as it was trading below $7,000 on Monday in its after-hours trading. This was further followed by lower levels the next day when it edged to a three-month low as it traded below $6,000, moving away from its November record high. According to CoinDe [...]

02 Feb 2018

Coincheck: World’s biggest cryptocurrency theft

One of Japan’s largest digital currency exchanges Coincheck has confirmed that some $534 million (£380m) worth of digital coins had been stolen. Coincheck is reportedly still trying to figure out the nature of the attack, but only reported that other cryptocurrencies were not impacted. Co [...]