Deposit Methods

How to Fund Your Account

A funded account is a prerequisite in order to be able to trade with Finarix. Funding your account can be easily and securely done via the funding options below. The provided deposit methods are convenient and will get you started in a few clicks.

Card Deposit

Depositing by debit or credit card is the quickest way to fund your Finarix account. Transactions are executed instantly and funds are available immediately for trading.

To deposit funds on your account:

   Log into your account. You will be redirected to the ‘My Account’ page

   Click on the ‘Deposit’ tab

   Click on your preferred deposit method

   Fill in the required information and click on ‘Deposit to Account’

Wire Transfer

Depositing via bank requires a bank transfer form with all the essential details to make a payment. This form can be obtained from your Customer Onboarding Representative. It can take 4 -5 business days to process your Bank transfer and as soon as your transfer is confirmed by our bank your Finarix account will be credited.

To deposit funds via Wire transfer:

   Contact your Customer Onboarding Representative to receive a transfer form

   Visit your bank after duly filling the form.

   Your bank will issue a transaction reference number. Note it down on the transfer form.

   Scan and send the form back to your Customer Onboarding Representative.


Secure and Straightforward deposits with Finarix


Your funds are protected:

By depositing money with us, we ensure your funds are protected in various ways.

Depositing is fast:

Fund your account within minutes.

Flexible deposit:

Funding can be done in various ways namely by card or by bank transfer.

Invest With Confidence

At Finarix securing your investments is of utmost priority. To learn more about our fast and secure banking transactions, please contact the compliance team by clicking here or send us a message via our Contact us page.